About Me

Hi there, I'm Katie!

Like most women, I struggle with my self image. I struggle with my weight, my stretch marks, my looks, etc. I know the struggle, and I am here to hype you up and tell you that your mind lies to you! Through my lens, I want to help show you how everyone else sees you - how beautiful you truly are.

My favorite part about photographing boudoir is watching my clients become empowered and confident. Nearly every person who has stepped in front of my camera for a boudoir session came in feeling a nervous wreck. A few simple poses in, and they start to loosen up a bit. By the end, they leave with heads held high and feeling like the bad ass they are.

My favorite moment during a session is when I show them the back of my camera after a killer pose and clients say "THAT'S ME?!"

YES QUEEN! That IS you and this is YOUR time to shine.